About Mama Bird

Mama Bird and Baby Bird - Fall 2011

Hello, my name is Lucia Hale. This blog is dedicated to capturing my adventures in the domestic frontier. My recipes will focus on healthy, whole food eating, with the occasional decadent recipe here and there. I believe balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle and hope to provide balance in the foods that my family and friends consume.

I believe in whole healthy ingredients and really encourage people to put away the prepackaged foods and try some honest cooking with real ingredients. I hope to show that healthy cooking can be delicious, cost effective and time saving.  As a new mother and homemaker, I hope to chronicle my recipes and home projects and to share them with friends and family – old and new alike. Namaste!


2 Comments to “About Mama Bird”

  1. So excited about your blog! I can’t wait to try the nutty bulgur wheat burgers. I have a question. We are picking eggplant from our garden and neither of us have ever cooked it…or even eaten it much. Any suggestions…

    When we were pondering this, David suggested I ask you. You are now my cooking guru!

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